June 21, 2021

Season 2 Ep.17 // Real Marriage, Real Family

In this episode. We asked our 3 kids, Ranon, Ehzra and Amarys to join us for a real conversation with their perspective on our marriage. It shows us that kids don't need to have perfect parents, but parents that are authentic...

Healthy Marriage Real Marriage Integrity

June 08, 2021

Season 2 Ep. 16 Forgiveness is Hard

This is an oldy but a goody. This is an episode that we posted in season 1 about forgiveness. We talk about the power of forgiveness. IN the last year, we are seeing a real problem come up in marriages. Unforgiveness. Couples...

Forgiveness Healthy Marriage

April 27, 2021

Season 2 Ep. 13 // Criticism and Contempt (Pick Your Poison Series)

We are starting a new series called "Pick Your Poison". Some behaviors in a marriage have a destination towards divorce. Take a listen as we talk about the poison but also give the antidote. Thanks for listening. We appreciat...

Amplified Marriage Communication Healthy Marriage Expectations Divorce PICK YOUR POISON

December 01, 2020

Season 2 Ep. 4 // Are you an aggressive communicator?? (Communicate Series - Part 4)

You either listen with the intent to reply or with the intent to understand. In part 4 of our Communicate Series. We break down what an aggressive communicator is and how to become a "Recovering Aggressive Communicator". W...

Communication Better Way Healthy Marriage

November 24, 2020

Season 2 Ep. 3 // Are you a passive aggressive communicator?? (Communicate Series - Part 3)

Your marriage will be built by default or design! In part 3 of our Communicate Series. We break down what a passive-aggressive communicator is and how to become a "Recovering Passive Aggressive Communicator". We believe hea...

Communication Healthy Marriage Better Way

November 17, 2020

Season 2 Ep. 2 // Are you a passive communicator?? (Communicate Series - Part 2)

Your marriage will be built by default or design! In part 1 of our Communicate Series. We break down what a passive communicator is and how to become a "Recovering Passive Communicator". We believe healthy communication is ...

Communication Better Way Healthy Marriage

September 22, 2020

Season 1 Ep. 16 // Do You Want To Change??

In this episode, we discuss some things regarding change. Can people change? How long does it take to change? What if I change but my spouse doesn't? We believe change is possible. Change is possible but focus is required. - ...

Healthy Marriage Change

September 15, 2020

Season 1 Ep. 15 // Married after Children

In this episode, we talk about the danger of putting children before your spouse. Your spouse was there before the kids and we need to prioritize our marriage relationship. When we invest in our spouse, we are better able to ...

Healthy Marriage Better Way Children

September 05, 2020

Season 1 Ep. 14 // To Forgive or Not to Forgive. That is the Question.

In this episode, we talk about the act of seeking forgiveness and asking for forgiveness. We want to encourage you to make the default setting in your marriage forgiveness. Take a listen as we discuss what happens when exerci...

Forgiveness Healthy Marriage Better Way

August 30, 2020

Season 1 Ep.13 // Intimacy: Not just about Netflix and Chill

In this episode, we have a chat about some foundational ideas that lead to having string intimacy in marriage. Intimacy is more than sex. It's about the mind, heart, soul, and emotions. Take care of those and sex is the best....

Intimacy Healthy Marriage

August 16, 2020

Season 1 Ep. 12 // Work Life Balance

In this episode, we have a conversation about Work Like Balance and what that means and how to work hard at finding a healthy balance. It’s a challenge to work on and improve your marriage if you never make time for it. Take ...

Work Life Balance Healthy Marriage

August 09, 2020

Season 1 Ep. 11 // Refresh Refresh Refresh

In this episode, we give 6 ways to "Refresh" your marriage. The 6th one might be some of you listeners favourite. In the Covid world we live in, instead of looking for way out of our marriage. Let's seek out ways to refresh i...

Healthy Marriage Refresh

August 02, 2020

Season 1 Ep.10 // Dealing with Disappointment

Disappointment is death blow to dreams if not dealt with. Sometimes disappointment changes the way we view things, the way we communicate with our spouse, or our children. Moving forward through disappointment is challenging,...

Healthy Marriage Disappointment Better Way

July 26, 2020

Season 1 Ep. 9 // Do you love without conditions?

Loving without conditions may be one of the hardest things to do in a marriage. Striving to serve and love your spouse should be the direction we choose, but sometimes we allow hurt, disappointment and wounds to create a chas...

Healthy Marriage Unconditional

July 19, 2020

Season 1 Ep. 8 // How to make it last!

Marriage is challenging. Conflict is difficult. Finances are sometimes hard to navigate, We talk in this episode about our own tough beginning of our marriage and chat about a few things we learned on the way. We hope this ep...

Healthy Marriage